Shoe storage solutions to keep your house organized

We tend to acquire many shoes, and they become a real pain when they get out of hand. You may have a pair of sneakers, but what do you wear to work? How about a weekend on the beach? The fact is that you’ll have lots of shoes, and organizing them will be a real challenge. So, what would be the best way to organize your sandals, sneakers, boots, or heels?

Organize your shoes off the floor

Chucking your shoes on the floor of your closet may be the first instinct that hits you at the mention of organizing shoes. It’s the wrong instinct. On the floor, your shoes are likely to beat up quickly when you move pairs aside when searching for your favorite sandals. It also becomes harder to find anything when you flop everything in one space. Anyway, come up with some basic shoe organization strategies if you must keep them on the floor; don’t pile them in a heap.

Sort them into categories

Before you think of any storage solution, first, you need to organize your shoes into categories. The ones you wear most and the one you wear less frequently. Think of those snow boots and stilettoes. Keep the pairs you wear less frequently up high or far away. It’s now time to organize the pairs you wear every day. Stick similar styles together. The ones you wear to work to be in one group and the ones you wear out to a late-night dinner to be in another group. Stick walking shoes in a third group. Now check out the Tylko page and grab any of the Type01 Veneer or Type01 Plywood shoe racks:

What about some clear shoe bins with lids?

It’s quite hard to pick out clothes or accessories if you don’t know what to look for. It’s a real challenge figuring out your options out of a heap. Therefore, it’s important to sort your shoes and make them visible. Go for the see-through shoe bins or boxes and stick a picture of the shoe outside the box. The picture is a visual aid to prevent you from tearing your closet apart when looking for your options in the morning.

An organized house feels habitable and allows you to think and refresh. Shoes are difficult to organize, particularly if you own several pairs. That’s why you need some practical shoe storage solutions.

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